• Desktops

    Desktop are flexible and easy to upgrade with affordable price has spare parts and several standardized expansion slots make it popular among the large business commodities.

  • All In One

    All-in-one PCs are more portable and is business-centric, all-in-one powerhouse than desktop PCs because the computer’s internal components are inbuilt. The all-in-one PCs include a multi-touch screen, webcam and these all in one desktops are clutter free and portable.

  • Laptops

    Laptops are always known to be notebooks. Due to its Mobility and charge effectiveness make laptop more attractive product which can run for an hour’s and highly beneficial for business people. Students with quenching thoughts to create software and designing, freelancing with WI-FI laptop is the one you needed the most.

  • LFD

    LFD monitors are equipped with a dual - core processor and it is easy to connect with computers. All LFD monitors are equipped with magic rotation features to change the orientation from portrait to landscape.

  • Ultra books

    Ultra books are meant to be alternative for PCs, Laptops and they are elegant companion while travelling. Track pad provide faster working experience in going back to previous web page, scroll the page etc.

  • Netbooks

    The size is more attractive and mainly used for playing games, watching movies, listening to music and connects with friends through facebook and twitter etc.

  • Tablet PC’s

    Table PC’s popularly known to be mobile computer equipped with a digital pen or touch to indicate. A table PC does not require keyboard or mouse and they are lighter than laptops and makes easier for the user to work.

  • Monitors

    Monitors are still in demand due to its wide range of advantages like durability, power consumption and safety measures. These monitors are used for computing works include editing, gaming and designing.

  • Servers

    Servers are said to be a filling cabinet for your company. The Servers are used to process the request and it delivers the data to the clients. The server includes web servers, proxy servers, FTP servers etc.

  • Printers

    Convenience in publishing and easy to manage documents and paperwork by producing hard copies is the advantage of using the printers in small business.

  • Storage

    Storage devices include Hard Disk, floppy Disk, CD, I pod, USB pen drive, zip disk, DVD due to its size and cost are heavily demanded among the large business people.

  • Accessories

    Accessories include Hard disk, keyboard, mouse, CPU, Monitor, memory card, printer, scanner, speaker, webcam etc.. used for large business.

Support & Services

Deepens the support

Beyond doubts, it is the computer that keeps the business going well, these days. Staying away from computing issues and keeping pace with advancing, is all that is required by business people. Ascent helps the business enjoy hassle-free computing by offering quick and reliable computing service and support via respective companies’ email and toll free numbers. In order to give better solution we collaborate with Samsung printers and Optoma projectors.

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You may be looking for a best buy of computer, hardware, software for your business, and we are here for a straightforward purchase. Contact our sales department for large business sector for a best buy.
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